NIM 4.0.44 VM Update Available

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NIM 4.0.44 VM Update Available

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NIM 4.0.44 includes several new features and bug fixes for NIM 4.0.

NIM 4.0.44 New Features
  • Scheduling - Added a prompt when deleting resource and user events that allows the user to delete all associated events.
  • Review - Added the option to mark a review bin to "Autp-Update Versions", which will update any items within the bin to the latest version whenever a new version of the item is uploaded.
  • Review - Added status color stripes to the left side of review versions in theater mode.
NIM 4.0.43 Fixes
  • Notifications - Fixed an issue where having multiple notification rules for the same action could result in a condition where endless notifications could be made.
  • Custom Fields - Fixed a bug that caused job overviews and various info panels (job, assets, and shots) to load much more slowly than usual when certain custom keys were disabled.
  • Custom Fields - Fixed a bug that caused grids to display an incorrect total number of items when filtering by one or more custom key columns.
  • Assets & Shots - Fixed an issue when importing a CSV where hidden and control characters were not removed when comparing item names for merge.
NIM Updates can be accessed from the Client Portal located here: Once logged into the Client Portal, look for the Downloads section and navigate to the “Updates” tab. Release notes are available from the Update tab.

Important: NIM 4.x updates can only be applied to a NIM 4.x VM. If you have not migrated to NIM 4.x please see the instructions here: ... to-nim-4-0

* Please note your NIM Client Portal login credentials are not associated with your NIM VM user account. The login details for the NIM Client Portal can be found in the email you received for your initial setup of NIM.

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