NUKE STUDIO v9.0v8 - Comp Error

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NUKE STUDIO v9.0v8 - Comp Error

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Could someone post a tutorial video for the NIM / Nuke Studio workflow?

We have the following issue and believe that this got to be some kind of a workflow error. Here is a event list:

- open Nuke Studio
- NIM/Project/Save As
- choose /Job/Server/Show/Task=CONFORM >> Save Project
- import clips into project
- build time line
- select all clips in timeline
- RMB> NIM > Update selected shots in NIM (Thumbs appear in Database)


- Select any clip in time line and RMB >>Effects>> Create Comp? (this creates a comp but uses Nukes folder structure?!)
- Or, select any clip in time line and RMB >> NIM >> Build Tracks From Elements? (this results in an empty track only)

Lets say we create the comp with RMB >>Effects>> Create Comp
- then enter comp from timeline -- comp opens -- go to menu NIM/Version - up (error: unable to retrieve shot/asset ID's from current file)
- menu NIM/Save As: Job/Server/Show/Shot/Task/Basename/Save As (this saves the comp just fine)
- now Version - Up works too.
- editing the comp (color correction, etc)
- Version - Up again
- leaving comp and back to Nuke Studio Time line
- clicking the same comp in time line again, entering comp, ERROR: all changes are lost and comp resets to the default nodes.

The only way how this could happen is that NIM isn't making any changes to the comp in the timeline at all -- but saves it's own comp elsewhere. In other words, the comp in the timeline and the comp NIM creates aren't linked and are in fact two separate comps -- hence, all changes are lost.

Any ideas how to approach that?


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Re: NUKE STUDIO v9.0v8 - Comp Error

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The problem has now been resolved.

We didn't set the NIM template in the project edit settings to "NIM Plates & Comps" -- All is working as expected now--

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Re: NUKE STUDIO v9.0v8 - Comp Error

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Hi Jens,

I know we resolved this on the phone, but I just wanted to post the workflow here so others can see.

The important step that was missing to keep NukeStudio in sync with NIM is to go into the NukeStudio / Project menu and choose Edit Settings. From here select the Export tab and choose the NIM template that you are using for your export settings. The default NIM template is called NIM Plates & Comps, but you can modify this as needed. For example, if you only want to create Nuke comps for all your shots you can remove the plates export.

Then you will want to use the NukeStudio Export menu and the NIM: Process as Shots / NIM Plates & Comps export template to create and log any plates and nuke comps into NIM. Make sure to check the boxes in the NIM template to Publish Transcoded Images as NIM Elements and Publish Nuke Project Files as NIM Files as needed to properly log these elements as NukeStudio creates the shots in NIM.

Once exported you can open any Nuke sessions and in the NIM menu, browse to the shot and the task to open the exported comp. The comment on the exported comp will say "Nuke Project File exported from NukeStudio". From here version up as normal in the Nuke NIM Menu.

If you want to place the output of the comps and have used Deadline or some other means to log these elements on NIM shots you can right click on your track items and choose "NIM/Build Track from Elements". Select the element type and NukeStudio will look at the NIM shots and build a corresponding track with these elements.

If you want your Nuke comps as a track on the timeline, select your track items, right click and choose Build Track/From Export Structure. Select the NIM Plates & Comp Export preset, then select the Nuke Project File and press Build. You will now have a track that points to your NIM logged comps. You can version up as normal inside Nuke using the NIM menu, and in NukeStudio select these comps, right click and choose Version/Scan For Versions to update your timeline to the latest comps.

I hope this helps and we are definitely working on providing more videos showing the workflow for all of our connectors as well as videos focusing on the shot tracking and task scheduling side of NIM.


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