Houdini Digital Assets (HDA)

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Houdini Digital Assets (HDA)

Post by christianlett »

We're currently evaluating NIM for our studio pipeline. While there's integration for Houdini's HIP format (Houdini projects), we make extensive use of Houdini Digital Assets (HDA file format) and can't see a way to manage these using NIM.

HDA files are actually libraries that can contain multiple versions of the same tool or asset, and while this seems counter-intuitive for a pipeline management tool like NIM, Houdini doesn't allow importing of HIP files (they can only be opened), but does allow import of HDA files.

As an example, for the MOD task of a NIM asset we'd model in Houdini and save/publish as a HDA, tracking it using NIM as you would any asset modelling task. That way the published asset can be used downstream.

Have there been any conversations about supporting HDAs in NIM, or does anyone have any workarounds they're using to manage HDAs?

Thanks, Christian

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Re: Houdini Digital Assets (HDA)

Post by andrew »

Hi Christian,

This is actually the first request we've had for HDAs but we can definitely look at what it would take to include them. I'm not specifically familiar with HDAs but if it is simply a format option it should be relatively easy for us to add that as a format option to the Houdini connector.


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