Nukex Script Windows to MacOS

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Nukex Script Windows to MacOS

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We have Nuke Artists working in Windows that want to share projects with Artists using MacOS. We are running into errors when opening projects in Nuke on MacOS. The read nodes have Windows file paths. So, the Artist on MacOS would have to replace each file path. Can NIM convert the file paths? What would be the steps that I would have to take? Thank you very much for looking into this. Have a great one!


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Re: Nukex Script Windows to MacOS

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Hi Thomas,

NIM by default does not modify the content of your files, but this is something you could add. If you want the files paths of nodes within your scene converted you could extend the connector to provide this functionality on completion of the open event. If you're looking to augment the connectors, the entry point for adding functionality to the Nuke read function is in the nim_core/ file at line #2426.


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