feature request: nuke // WriteNIM to shot daily

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feature request: nuke // WriteNIM to shot daily

Post by quang.tran »

It would be nice, if there is a function to publish a (rendered) NIM write node directly to the dailies of that shot.
It's common, that our artists render their shots (renderfarm or local), tweaking it after review and qc and finally give our lead a message, that this shot is ready for review in Flame. If they could simply publish it as daily to NIM, it would ease up that process.
We know there is a method for Deadline renderfarm based productions. As we use Royal Render for our renderfarm, that would be smart function to include other production pipelines, which doesn't have Deadline in use.

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Re: feature request: nuke // WriteNIM to shot daily

Post by andrew »

Expanding our native connector tools is always something we are looking at. This is something we have not implemented yet natively, but is completely doable using our existing API. The example code at the top of the python API shows how to add a render, elements, and a daily to a task and can be done as a post render process.

On a side note, are you using the NIM Flame connectors to scan for versions, or scan for elements of your Nuke comps? This will allow your Flame artists to directly bring open clips of your Nuke comps onto a published timeline. If you haven't seen this, check out the Flame Connector video at http://nim-labs.com/videos.

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