Nuke plate load via NIM connector

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Nuke plate load via NIM connector

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Hi there.

we started using NIM in our VFX pipeline. Installing the NIM connectors in NUKE was no problem at all and works fine. The NIM UI in Nuke allows me to save, version up, open and import Nuke scripts as well render in different write presets that works also without any technical problems. So far, so good. But how do I load plates into the Nuke script via the NIM UI? Do I have to load the plate the "classic" way via a "normal" Read node and then save the Nuke script via the NIM connector UI?
It would be much easier (especially for our freelance artists) to start Nuke and then load the plate for your assigned task via the NIM user interface. Is there a existing approach or is this feature missing?


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Re: Nuke plate load via NIM connector

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HI Seb,

You are correct, there currently is not a Nuke UI loader for NIM elements. This is something we are actively working on and plan to roll out in an update this year. For NukeStudio we do have a menu option to load shot elements on a timeline, Build Track from Elements. I know this is different than what you are asking for but I did want to throw it out there. In the meantime, the NIM API does make this information available and the backend is there to achieve what you are looking for.


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