Request: History, User changes, Change-Log

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Request: History, User changes, Change-Log

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I did a post about changehistory or undos on user-side some days ago.
I want to request something similar for the admin side.

I think, working with nim on several Studio-sites, demands several users with admin rights.
To recap "who did what", even with some month passing, is critical knowledge for all admins and studio-lead.
Who changed the rate, who changed the latest bidding, who set the project on inactive, who deleted the shot ... and so on...

Is there any plan for something similar?

Thank you very much.
Filip Lange
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Re: Request: History, User changes, Change-Log

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We've have discussed implementing a history log so it would be possible to track who did what when. With the number of users and transactions that happen on a single VM, those logs can grow at a fantastic rate so we have been talking with studios requesting this feature about the need for historical logs. What items do you feel need to be tracked and for how long? Would you like to see this implemented for certain user groups or all users?


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