Make environment variables for [NIM_CONNECTOR_ROOT] and [hostname]?

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Make environment variables for [NIM_CONNECTOR_ROOT] and [hostname]?

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Hey all,

One of our extremely savvy users asked in our slack channel today about how we might be able to add [NIM_CONNECTOR_ROOT] and/or [hostname] to our environment variables script so that we don't have to adjust each connector and hostname on each machine. NIM does this quite elegantly already imo with only having to configure hostname once, but it would remove yet another error-prone step out of the path if we could simply include definitions for these locations in our environment variables script, which is run on every install and is often re-run as a troubleshooting step on borked workstations.

Has anybody tried this, or come up with an elegant way to do it?

Thanks kindly,


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Re: Make environment variables for [NIM_CONNECTOR_ROOT] and [hostname]?

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Hi Micah,

That's actually a great suggestion. We could add a check for local environment variables that would override the need to ask the user at initial startup. You would still need to enter the user's NIM username at first launch of a connector.

Alternatively, what I have seen studios doing is to create default .nim folder that they copy to a new user as part of a setup script. This script can essentially setup all of the connectors with any local info needed and provide the initial startup parameters. The only thing users need to do is change the NIM user when the first start working with the connectors.


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