NIM 4.0.50 VM Update & Connectors Available

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NIM 4.0.50 VM Update & Connectors Available

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NIM 4.0.50 includes several new features and bug fixes and optimizations for NIM 4.0.

NIM 4.0.50 New Features
  • Tasks - Filters within the Studio > Tasks section are now remembered between sessions on the same machine.
  • Tasks - Saving a new workflow will now automatically enter edit mode to edit the new workflow name.
  • Tasks - Added a confirmation window when deleting a workflow.
  • Tasks - Added the option to sort tasks by end date on the task timeline.
  • Connectors - Reduced number of calls to API in the Flame: Scan for Version function to improve performance.
  • API - Optimized the findElements query to be significantly faster.
  • Actualization - Optimized the findElements query to be significantly faster.

NIM 4.0.50 Fixes
  • Tasks - The UI when selecting an invalid combination of task start and end dates is now more user-friendly in both the task gantt view and the task info panel.
  • Tasks - The Highlight and Solo buttons within Studio and Job Tasks sections are now disabled until filters are applied (these buttons have no effect without selected filters).
  • Tasks - Fixed an issue where adding new tasks from the task timeline did not automatically enter edit mode for the new task.
  • Tasks - Fixed an issue where multi-assigning a working from the workflow assignment area would not properly set the estimated hours per task.
  • Assets & Shots - Fixed an issue when accessing the details sub panel of an asset two times in a row would not properly load the panel.
  • Actualization - Fixed a bug where crew members that used different currencies than the job would show incorrect costs within the Crew and Projections tabs of Job Actuals (all cost totals were correct and are unaffected).
  • Actualization - Fixed UI issue where the Profit Centers grid in Studio Actuals wasn't resizing correctly when switching tabs.

NIM Updates can be accessed from the Client Portal located here: Once logged into the Client Portal, look for the Downloads section and navigate to the “Updates” tab. Release notes are available from the Update tab.

Important: NIM 4.x updates can only be applied to a NIM 4.x VM. If you have not migrated to NIM 4.x please see the instructions here: ... to-nim-4-0

* Please note your NIM Client Portal login credentials are not associated with your NIM VM user account. The login details for the NIM Client Portal can be found in the email you received for your initial setup of NIM.

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