NIM Connectors v2.7.27 Available

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NIM Connectors v2.7.27 Available

Post by andrew » November 7th, 2017, 2:32 am

NIM Connectors v2.7.27 are now available for download.

This update includes the following:

NIM Photoshop Connector installer support for Photoshop 2018

Expanded support for NukeStudio export templates including the Copy and SymLink export functions.

Support for Chinese characters in connector dropdowns.

NIM Updates can be accessed from the Client Portal located here: Once logged into the Client Portal, look for the Downloads section and navigate to the “Updates” tab. Release notes are available from the Update tab.

* Please note your NIM Client Portal login credentials are not associated with your NIM VM user account. The login details for the NIM Client Portal can be found in the email you received for your initial setup of NIM.

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